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according to Jan Kędzierski, a research assistant at the  Wrocław University of Technology, Poland, WASABI's core component (WASABIEngine) is being used for emotion simulation inside the EMYS social robot. They embedded WASABI as a static library into UWASABI, to integrate it into URBI.

Interestingly, we are currently working on an integration of WASABI into ROS.

This youtube video shows, how they think this open hard- and software project might be used by the public:

Thanks, Jan, good job!

WASABI manual


These pages will be used to explain the basic usage of the WASABI architecture in the context of other programs that might be interfaced with it via network. You may use the table of contents presented left to jump to a topic of interest.

If you still have questions after reading this, please take a look at the FAQ, first, or drop me a line.

WASABI installer packages

Although the source code of WASABI is available here as well, I decided to make it easy for all of you, who are not interested to compile from the sources. You may download the libraries together with the executable and the configuration files in one package below. (Use a program like "HashMyFiles" to check the hashes.)

Source code of WASABI

WASABI's core and WASABI's GUI under LGPL on GitHub

Hello folks,

I am proud to announce that Version 1.0 of the core of WASABI, which is called "WASABIEngine", is now publicly available at GitHub.

The GUI part "WASABIQtGui" is now available as well. For collaboration purposes I moved both repositories to the "organization" account CBA2011 on GitHub: https://github.com/CBA2011


WASABI architecture overview

Overview of the WASABI architecture

In this article I will give an overview of the WASABI architecture, which I developed during my time as doctoral student (somehow similar to PhD student) at University of Bielefeld, Germany, from 2003 until 2008. As explained in my thesis , it serves the virtual human MAX as its affect simulation component, in order to make the virtual human more believable.