Research interests

I) Affective Computing & Virtual Humans:

Simulation and recognition of affect based on multidisciplinary research to increase the believability of agents in social interaction and to support theory construction.

Invited talks, podcasts, media, and presentations

In reverse chronological order:

  • Androide Andrea bezirzt die ganze Hochschule
    In: Zeitungsartikel in den Stuttgarter Nachrichten,  
  • Künstliche Intelligenz - Stuttgarter Forscher testen Roboter "Andrea"
    In: SWR Aktuell Radio, Stefan Eich im Gespräch mit Christian Becker-Asano, 7.12.2022
    Official Website - mp3 audio
  • Der androide Roboter ist da
    In: Robotik in der Industrie, Podcast, Robert Weber, October 2022
    Official Website - mp3 audio
  • AI and Us – what artificial intelligence means for our lives
    In: ten-part podcast, Alexander von Humboldt foundation, March 2022
    Official Website
  • KI und Wir - Was künstliche Intelligenz für unser Leben bedeutet
    In: Zehnteilige Podcast-Reihe, Alexander von Humboldt foundation, Januar 2022
    Official Website - Podcast
  • Social Robots as Social Agents
    In: ComLab#4: Smart New Worlds – How AI, Robotics and Digitalisation Transform Our Lives, Alexander von Humboldt foundation workshop series, November 2021
    Official Website
  • AI & Gaming - from research to application
    In: AI & Gaming, Entrepreneurship Series, Cyber Valley virtual event, September 2021
    Official Website
  • KI und Elon Musks humanoider Roboter
    In: Folge 112, Audio podcast: KI in der Industrie 4.0, September 2021
    Official Website