Robot videos

Robotics related videos of my work.


Android Andrea progress videos

Android Andrea will be back

June 11, 2023

My PhD student Marcel Heisler implemented an automatic generation of lip-sync animation based on an audio file with spoken text.

HumanoidLab videos

Humanoid Lab at Stuttgart Media University (HdM)

Bachelor student project "Mimicry with android head", 01/2023


Public presentation of Andrea on 7th of December, 2022

Time-lapse video of the android arrival on October 5, 2022

German interview with me on October 5, 2022

MARCO videos

"MARCO @ UFreiburg":

In 2014 we started to build "MARCO", the Multimodal Autonomous RoboChess Opponent":

We demonstrated MARCO at ICMI2014 in Istanbul, Turkey, and won the Outstanding Demo Award. (Watch this video on youtube, if you like.)

In that configuration we realized:

  • a few display movements
  • emotional facial expressions driven by WASABI based on the evaluation of the board
  • detection of and recovering from "invalid moves" by the human player (at least to some extend)

Next steps / improvements:

  • change the display for a bigger one
  • implement many more agent  behaviors based on a newly invented animation framework
  • finish integration of NOVA framework
  • possibly integrate the IntraFace tracking software
  • devise and conduct empirical studies

It can also be controlled from a remote place using the server and any client. Thus, someone can play against me using the robot arm to move his or her pieces.

Daryl videos

 "DARYL @ Freiburg City":

"Tele-operation in the wild": In Summer 2013 Severin Gustorff and I brought the mildly-humanized robot DARYL to Freiburg City.

Geminoid videos

 "Post Human TNA version" (by Robert Iolini for ABC Radio Australia, 2011):

Audio Art. Cyborgs, Androids and Humans. Late night dream time radio, featuring Hiroshi Ishiguro - Geminoid, Donna Haraway - Cyborg Manifesto, William Gibson - Neuromancer, Commissioned by The Night Air for Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Some Geminoid-related videos:

Robovie videos

 Social Robots & Androids (ATR in Kyoto):

"Robovie Survey", twelve different types of laughter: Which fits best? (see here for some results)
Male laughter Female Laughter