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WASABI installer packages

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Although the source code of WASABI is available here as well, I decided to make it easy for all of you, who are not interested to compile from the sources. You may download the libraries together with the executable and the configuration files in one package below. (Use a program like "HashMyFiles" to check the hashes.)

Version 0.8 (2020-02-10):

Some years ago I removed the qwt dependency from WASABI, see: 
Here, for your convenience, is the Windows 10 compilation (64bit).

Version 0.7.1:

I just prettified the PAD space window a bit and changed the behavior of the "XYZ in 3D" checkbox.
With these changes the WASABI code fits to a paper I recently submitted to a workshop: "WASABI for affect simulation in human-computer interaction".

  • Win7 64bit:

Version 0.7:

  • Win7 64bit:
    • WASABIGuiQt5Install.exe (~13 MB, Null Soft Installer)
      MD5: 9bdd2084757dc82e5f60d72bfb284c0c
      SHA1: 6b1e61390be3fefa5647b9a9f90ad4a4251014d0
      CRC: 59a30764
    • (~18 MB)
      MD5: 231f2c6a482f68059c755d921e6ae0cf
      SHA1: 30b28dce1582300024cbb0aef0f7636b263ecbd5
      CRC: 9c0ac429

Simply extract the folder to a place of your choice (Desktop by default) and start "WASABIGuiQt5.exe" afterwards. If then you allow network access, you can send and receive UDP messages with another program to remote control the application as described in on line 713 ff. :)

In parallel to update of this article I will also use the GitHub release system here:

Please drop me a line, if anything goes wrong or if you have comments or suggestions.

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