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Geminoid videos


Checker Tobi "Robots":

"Geminoid HI-1 tele-operation from Freiburg, Germany", on air in Summer 2015, topics "Robots and emotions" and "Android robots", among others.

Click to download in MP4 format (26.2MB)

Compilation of the relevant parts of the complete show ;)

Androids (ATR in Kyoto):

"A laughing Geminoid HI-1", December 2009: the android Geminoid HI-1 laughing during the Ultimatum Game. How does she feel about Geminoid?

Click to download in FLV format (10.58MB)

"Geminoid HI-1 @ ARS Electronica", September 2009: Geminoid during the ARS Electronica exhibition in Linz. I controlled it and had fun with the visitors! (We also used this setup for research, of course..)

Click to download in FLV format (7.17MB)

"Geminoid HI-1 @ ATR":

Hendrik Scharfe has interviewed me at ATR, Japan.

Click to download in FLV format (8.28MB)

"Geminoid DK": In 2010 he got his own Geminoid copy "Geminoid DK".

"Post Human TNA version" (by Robert Iolini for ABC Radio Australia, 2011):

Audio Art. Cyborgs, Androids and Humans. Late night dream time radio, featuring Hiroshi Ishiguro - Geminoid, Donna Haraway - Cyborg Manifesto, William Gibson - Neuromancer, Commissioned by The Night Air for Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Click to download in MP3 format (27.49MB)

 "Geminoid F: Facial display of emotions": Just before I left ATR in June 2010, I had the chance to model some facial expressions for Geminoid F.

Click to download in FLV format (2.82MB)

Results of an online survey with static expressions of Geminoid F can be found here.

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